Artist Statement

A seal swims to the shore of Iceland and sheds her sealskin. Emerging from the sea in human form, a Nordic apparition of Aphrodite on the half shell, the selkie arrests the attention of a fisherman who proceeds to steal her protective sealskin in order to marry her. A few years and kids later, the selkie longs for her watery home.

As a human, the mythic selkie lives a life constructed by culture, and as a seal, she delves into mysterious waters. The skin is the threshold between knowing and unknowing—the positive and the negative of human experience. After I heard the story of the selkie in Iceland, my artwork began to question the function of thresholds, symbols of all that we are not experiencing given the limits of our body and mind. What is just beyond our reach?

By manipulating the borders between constructed knowledge and wild unknowns, my artwork acknowledges that what lies outside experience distorts its very center.


Kelsey Bosch is an interdisciplinary artist primarily working in media and installation. She received a MFA from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design in 2016 and a BFA from the University of Minnesota, Department of Art in 2009. Kelsey is an avid reader, traveller, and sometimes writer who frequently engages the forest of abstract thought.

Naturally curious, Kelsey’s work tends to move across mediums, materials, and subjects as she seeks new learning opportunities. This de-centering of her practice often creates threads of association, while abstract tendencies open her artwork to multiple readings.


2016                MFA, Minneapolis College of Art and Design (Media Studies/Sculpture)
2011                Certificate, College of Continuing Education, University of Minnesota (Business Writing)
2009                BFA, Department of Art, University of Minnesota (Painting/Film)

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