Encountering Selkie

Encountering Selkie from Kelsey Bosch on Vimeo.

A seal swims to the shore of Iceland and sheds her sealskin. Emerging from the sea in human form, a Nordic apparition of Venus on the half shell, the selkie arrests the attention of a fisherman who proceeds to steal her protective sealskin in order to marry her. A few years and kids later, the selkie longs for her watery home.

Encountering Selkie is the discovery of the unknown. Beneath the water’s surface is the selkie’s home: mysterious unchartered territory. This space reflects the limits of human knowledge and capacity to comprehend as the underwater environment to which the selkie belongs is not our own. The image is covered in the textural remnants of emulsion which distance this creature and her world from ours, acknowledging the inherent limitation of knowing from a single perspective.