Hyperbolic Soundscape

Hyperbolic Soundscape, 2017, photo credit Rik Sferra

Push against the walls.

As you press into the parabolic wall of Hyperbolic Soundscape, its positive-bolic (ball-like) curvature turns negative, becomes hyper-bolic or excessively -bolic: a maximization of surface area and infinite parallels.

The sound of a pane of glass cracking bends, flexing the once Euclidean plane into the malleable tension of a -bolic plane. Hyperbolic space is generative, forming as it happens in time. We cannot predict what will actually occur. As you move through the space and press against the walls, play the sounds, you contribute to the creation of Hyperbolic Soundscape. No one knows precisely how this soundscape will be composed until it unfolds over the duration of the exhibition. Hyperbolic Soundscape exaggerates the participants relationship to space, calling attention to how everyday sensory knowledge is constructed and dissolving the rigidity of assumed truth.

 Materials: Spandex, Wood, PVC, Flex Sensors, Arduinos, Max MSP
Hyperbolic Soundscape was commissioned by Northern Lights.mn through the Art(ists) on the Verge 8 Fellowship, generously supported by the Jerome Foundation.