Loring Park Artist-in-Residence



During the Loring Park Guest Artist in Residence program I sought to observe the sonic intersection of urban and wild environments—how the rhythms and marks of each meld together into Loring Park’s unique soundscape. I wondered how much of this soundscape goes unheard or unnoticed. What aspects of place are we missing as we walk around connected to headphones in our personal sonic environments? What is missed through our perceptual tendency to curate what is heard? Throughout the summer I’ve recorded sounds from the park, everything from the drone of traffic and city noise, fragments of conversation, geese hissing, music and games, to the unheard sounds underwater. What became most interesting was observing how people occupy or move through public spaces such as Loring Park, and how the soundscape of a public space becomes a reflection of current social habits. This impressionistic composition offers the listener a condensed rendering of my experience in the park. Similar to the sound walks I lead in August, it is a moment to hear everything.